Thursday, 31 December 2015


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Just a quick post to say Happy New Year to all you lovely people! Thank you so much for supporting me on my blogging journey so far and I can't wait to see what happens for me and, of course, for Fizzpoppers in 2016.

Here's hoping you don't feel too tender in the morning!


Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hi guys, I hope you're all well. I can't believe it's 2016 at the end of the week, where has the time gone? The New Year is also a big reminder that mid-January, Rob and I will have been living in our house for a year; it really feels like no time has passed since we moved. Of course the big thing for us this year will be having Squidge sometime in February/March (I'm due 2nd March but it will be interesting to see when she actually arrives) and it's all becoming very real now as we're getting her nursery all sorted.

Monday, 21 December 2015


I was going through my makeup the other day and found my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV palette which I haven't looked at in a while now as, lately, I've been going back to my Barry M Natural Glow 2 palette and I honestly forgot how lovely some of the shades are! My only issue with the BoS palette is the fact I only use 7 shades and the palette itself isn't exactly compact; it's a big cardboard box, albeit a very pretty cardboard box, and it takes up a lot of room. So, I decided to de-pot the shades I use the most.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


Hi guys, I hope you're all well. Skincare is a big love of mine and I love to try anything new to see how it might affect my skin. I do tend to stick to lower end products, unless I can splash out on something a bit more high end that I know will last a while. Micellar Water is something that took the beauty world by storm and you can buy micellar waters from basically any and all brands because they're simple but effective.

I've tried a few different micellar waters so I was excited to try the new Nivea Daily Essentials Micellar Waters*. I was sent the Caring, Sensitive Caring and Gentle Caring waters, all specifically for different skin types. For reference, I have combination skin; oily across my nose and chin, normal on my cheeks and oily and dry on my forehead. These are typical Micellar Waters as they cleanse the skin and can be used to remove makeup but they all have the added benefit of being moisturising too, ensuring they're not stripping your skin of anything essential.

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Friday, 18 December 2015

One Pot Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Hi guys, I hope you're all well! Sorry I've been quiet over the last week; I had lots going on with Squidge and didn't really have the time (or the concentration) to sit and write anything up. I haven't posted a 'proper' recipe posts, as such. I've blogged about Betty Crocker recipes before but nothing that we've done ourselves so this is officially the first proper recipe post here on Fizzpoppers.

I wish I could say I am the one who makes all these delicious meals but I'm not; it's all made by Rob who is 10 times more competent and confident with food. I can just about make beans and toast! So, while I can take credit for the words and images here, hats off to Rob for making yummy food and putting up my slightly picky eating habits. 

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This recipe is for One Pot Chicken Alfredo and it's amazing! It's incredibly easy to make (it's something I could probably do with supervision haha) and doesn't include a whole lot of ingredients either. It can be made without the meat ingredients if you're vegetarian and I personally prefer it without but, of course, tweak things to how you want.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tummy Tuesday - 26, 27 & 28 Weeks Pregnant Update

Hi guys, I hope you're all well. So sorry for being so quiet on the blog over the last few weeks and that this is going up on a Wednesday and not a Tuesday. Our little Squidge has been very mischievous and caused us a bit of panic but all seems to be well. We've been sent back to my local hospital by my community midwife for a scan as I'm measuring small, apparently, so they want to double check she is growing as she should be - I'm not too concerned though, I can feel Squidge moving about all day long and, let me tell you, she's got some strength! My poor ribs can't cope very much longer, haha. Apologies for how I look in the picture below, I was just out of the bath, that's why my hair looks like that!

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