Thursday, 28 January 2016


I think back on the days when I didn't use a primer for my foundation and shudder as I remember looking at myself in the mirror halfway through the day and seeing that half my makeup had migrated south of where I had applied it. Since that time, I have become (somewhat) wiser and now I ensure I always have a primer in my makeup stash because, with my skin type, it would be silly to not have one. Arbonne International was not a brand I had heard of until fairly recently and I was very happy when they sent me the Arbonne International Makeup Primer* (full size £27) to try. (As you can see, I received a sample size of the primer but I did receive two of this size and, after a few uses, I still haven't touched the second one as a little goes a long way.)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


One of the biggest things you have to buy when having a baby is, of course, their pram. You want one that's good quality, long lasting with a guarantee (just in case) and, preferably, one that is a travel system so you're not having to buy the individual bits and bobs on top of the cost of the pram. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here already but I was lucky enough to win a £100 Space.NK voucher (and some other goodies, review coming soon!) from a giveaway that Hayley of London Beauty Queen hosted. It arrived just in time for the Christmas and January sales which was perfect for me! 

I was really excited to try a few things from Space.NK as I've never shopped there before, though I have stalked the pages of their website and I feel like we're old friends now, and often don't have the money to splash out on higher end products - and that won't change with Squidge coming along soon, either! 

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Thursday, 21 January 2016


I think it's pretty safe to say that most women will have gotten some form of candle for Christmas, right? I was definitely no exception as I received a few this Christmas and I am so glad for it... I think I have a candle for every mood now! Rob bought me the Yankee Candle Out of Africa 12 Melts Tube and the Gold Wave burner and I am completely in love with them.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Hi guys, I hope you're all well! Time really is starting to fly for me now. I'm 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so only 6 weeks left to my due date. I am starting to feel quite uncomfortable and the heartburn has definitely kicked in with full force! I am also now on maternity after agreeing with work to go a little earlier for a bit more stability and I'm now able to focus on getting the last little bits we need for Squidge and getting her room sorted! 

How far along? As I'm writing this, I'm 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant but I'll 34 weeks tomorrow.

Total weight gain: No major change with the weight gain. I've put on about 2.5KG so I'm still happy with that!

Maternity clothes? Most definitely. There's no chance of me fitting into my non-maternity clothes now! My New Look order arrived and I love all the bits I got; really don't know how I survived without them. I also got a few things from the Mothercare sale, as well. I will be posting about these in the next few weeks! 

Stretch marks? Thankfully, no! I haven't been feeling the best over the last week or so and I've slacked on moisturising bump; I was a little worried that some might pop up because of that. 

Sleep: Definitely a lot better. Now that I'm on maternity I can have a nap during the day and this makes all the difference! Plus, even with a nap, I still get tired early in the evening and have a full nights sleep but it's much better not having to worry about getting up for work. 

Best moment this week: My Dad brought round all of the things he and his fiancĂ© had bought for Squidge. It was so nice of them. They were kind enough to buy us mattress for her cot and a baby monitor plus lots of other essentials. They really have made our life a lot easier as now there are only a few things we need to get and then we're sorted! 

Miss anything? Being able to get up off the sofa or bed without having to ask for help! 

Food cravings: I had a craving for my spicy pizza the other day and got it and felt so much better afterwards (though the heartburn killed me afterwards) and then I had a craving for Subway and got that too. Other than that, my diet has been pretty good, promise!

Anything making you queasy or sick? I'm just constantly feeling ill. Though I've noticed Wheetabix makes me so sick even though I feel great when I'm eating it. 

Gender: Girl!

Labour signs: None. No braxton hicks or anything, either.

Symptoms: The usual! 

Belly button in or out? I've definitely got myself an outtie now and I absolutely hate it, hah! 

Wedding rings on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy - I do get grumpy when I get sleepy, though. 

Looking forward to: Putting the finishing touches in mine and babys hospital bags. 

I hope you're enjoying these series! Please let me know if there are any specific pregnancy posts you would like to see here. If you're interested, you can read the rest of my pregnancy series.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016


Hi guys, I hope you're all well. As you may know if you follow my blog, I am pregnant and will be blogging about my pregnancy experience before doing Mummy posts once little one is here. Morning sickness is an unfortunate side effect for a lot of pregnancies and, in some cases, it can be extreme and really disrupt your routine; not to put you off pregnancy or anything, ha! I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum which is just a fancy way of saying severe morning sickness and while I'm not suffering not as much now (mostly thanks to anti-sickness tablets I was given), I thought I'd share with you my tips and tricks on how to survive morning sickness.

To give you a bit of information, doctors aren't 100% sure what exactly causes morning sickness but they have an inkling that, in the first 12 weeks (which is when most people will experience morning sickness) it is linked to all the hormonal changes that are going on while your body adjusts to growing a human. Morning sickness generally eases or goes away completely by the time you're 20 weeks pregnant but one in 10 women (myself being one!) continue to feel/be sick after that. Plus, don't be mislead by the name 'morning sickness' it can happen any time of the day or night; you've been warned...

Thursday, 14 January 2016


Since I've been pregnant, I've bit a little more conscious of what exactly I'm putting on my skin; pregnancy causes hormones and much more to run wild and there's always a possibility that something that worked for me before may cause a reaction now and because of this, I've been looking to see what natural skincare and beauty products are out there and how they fare against the chemically fired ones.

InstaNatural is an American brand which started as a small business in Florida and they focus on creating products without any added nasties; just pure organic ingredients so your skin gets the best benefit. They have a wide range of different products available, including makeup, so there is something for everyone and you have that guarantee that is has been produced in small batches and has been packaged in FDA approved centres. I was lucky enough to be sent one of their products and I was definitely eager to give it a go.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016


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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted Willow Tree figures when I 'grew up'. I can remember loving looking at them any time they were in a shop and seeing all the different figures and the sets you could get. They were always something I envisioned having in my home but in all honesty, they were something I had forgotten about until I saw them again recently and Rob was kind enough to buy one for me for Christmas! 

Friday, 8 January 2016


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I've seen such a difference in my hair since being pregnant. My hair has always been thin but I do think I'm starting to notice a little bit of thickening, which is incredibly exciting for me as I'm used to having such a flat head, ha. This has given me a bit of motivation to try a bit harder with my hair and really take care of it. I have ordered a few hair products from Space NK so they'll be here soon and they'll be an extra little push to keep my hair nice (although, my hair really needs a cut to get a bit of shape to it)!

My current haircare routine is fairly simple, to be perfectly honest but it works for me. For reference, I have quite long, thin hair which has been coloured and bleached over the years and is dry at the ends but oilier at the roots. So, basically most hair types, you'll find on my head.